• Drawing step by step·
  • Free hand drawing ·
  • Learning the geometric shapes and its relationship with things around us ·
  • Introducing coloring techniques and color mixing ·
  • Using different kinds of coloring materials: Oil pastel, acrylic ,pencil, water color ·
  • Activities to improve the fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination. ·
  • Collage ·
  • Paper Mosaic & paper construction projects ·
  • Crafts ·
  • Beading ·
  • Clay


  • Introducing concepts of academic drawing such as Perspective, Shadow, Light ·
  • How to build a drawing from A-Z ·
  • Learning about colors primary & secondary colors ·
  • Learn color mixing using different coloring techniques ·
  • Learn to draw landscape, Animals, plants, still life, stories, human figure, and portrait, cartoon’s characters.
  • Paper Mosaic & paper construction projects ·
  • Clay ·
  • Collage ·
  • Crafts


  • Learning the academic drawing (perspective- proportions- shade & shadow)·
  • Courses start with pencil drawing till confirmation of the readiness of the student’s lines, the understanding of the perspective, the shades and shadows.
  • learning Water color and Oil color’s techniques·
  • Drawings varied between: Still life, landscape, portrait, human figure according to the student level.

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